Saturday, February 5, 2011


Brett and I started remodeling our kitchen! Wow! What a HUGE job! We started on a Saturday night and had all the old cabinets removed and the new cabinets in by LATE Monday night

Brett had built the wall seperating the Living Room and Kitchen. This made our kitchen a little bigger and the living room a little smaller, but a better arrangement to watch TV. AND the kitchen gained a lot more cabinet space.

We took the vent out of the ceiling and so that needed to be patched, electrical needed to be in for the new microwave above the stove. You can see all of the before wallpaper, paint and flooring. Wasn't it beautiful?

This picture is the first night after the demo and install on this side. The next day, we patched the ceiling, installed more cabinets, tore up the cracked tile and layed new tile.

Wow! What a couple of days. On Monday we started the other side...

Anoter picture of our previous pait colors. We thought this side would go kinda fast...but we were wrong, it took all day. Sorry, I guess I got sick of taking pictures. Now onto the window...

We already put up the beadboard and painted it brown in this before picture

Wasn't it such a lovely window?

I framed the window in painted 1x3's and tiled the window seal, grouted and added a sealant around the edges. Now it looks MUCH better!

Sorry for the dark picture.

Brett did a wonderful job installing the cabinets, he also built the wall and re-did all the electrical in the kitchen and wired a new electrical thermastat and smoke detectors. He did a wonderful job cutting and nailing up the beadboard in the kitchen. Isn't he wonderful?? He did a beautiful job!

My friend told me I had to decorate above the cabinets so.... I tried... with almost all my firefighter stuff.

Brett bought a TV and hung it on the wall...hoping that the kids will eat at the kitchen table (I better keep it cleaned He did a great job wiring it with our bedroom tv so we didn't have to buy another remote from dish.

We did granite... might as well get what you want right? It took them over 2 weeks to install the countertop.

Undermount sink. We had to live with our old countertop and sink sitting on top of the cabinets while we waited for the granite and new sink. Because we took the old top and sink off several times, one of the drains cracked and we got a huge clog in the pipes. We tried drano several times and we couldn't replace anything, we just had to wait (patiently). Last week, Brett came home and took off the U pipe and found a spoon, straw, sticks, bones and gunk. That solved the clog problem. Anyway, LOVE the new sink!

Please ignore the pile on the stove that needs to be returned to orange.

Kitchen....Almost done! Brett did a wonderful job, it is beautiful! Thanks Brett!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trimming Trees

The other day, Brett trimmed the trees and we all put the limbs into the old truck, with the racks and Travin was smashing them in so we could get more in the truck. Brett had to work the next day so The Boys and I drove to the dump to unload the limbs. It was hard! Not a fun job! On the way back, I felt something on my neck, so I ran my hand over it. Then a minute later I looked down at my arm, and on my arm was a small (but it looked very big and fat) green catapiller. I flicked it off my arm, screamed, pulled over, jumped out of the truck, screamed some more, and did a little dance. Meanwhile I had scared the boys. When they found out what all the fuss was about, they laughed at me. Do you blame them?

Girls Camp

I was called as the Assistant Camp Director in my ward for Girls Camp. It was a chore to get ready and I'm not a camper. I did have fun. It was a lot of work at camp getting the girls to cook and clean. We were told not to have showers because there wasn't enough water in the spring for that. On Friday night (the last night) the spring ran out of water and they locked the bathrooms! I was forced to pee on the ground! YUCK! But I survived, barely. Glad I made it home!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Travin is now a DEACON!

Brett ordained Travin a Deacon today. He did a really good job. Brett's parents, the twin Grandma's and my parents came to Sacrament Meeting. Then Cameron showed up and Brett ordained Travin after Sacrament. Then we came our house and had hamburgers, salad, chips, chocolate strawberries, and chocolate cake and strawberry rhubarb crisp with ice cream. Here are a couple pictures I took this morning and I played with them on Photoshop. It was a great day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

WOW! It has been a long time!

It has been forever since I have been on here. Travin left for Scout camp this morning. He will be gone for 1 whole week!!!! I bet there won't be one fight this week.

A lot has happened already this summer.

Brett went to New Mexico for a bomb training and Alabama for Hazmat training. He had a ball at both.

I went to Salt Lake for a root canal. Gee that was fun, it took a good 2 weeks for my tooth to feel better.

We went to Kanab for Grandpa Reed's 90th birthday.

Spring cleaning! That took forever!

Worked in the yard, planted an apple tree and peach tree, grapes, raspberries and strawberries. I can't wait till they start producing lots of fruit.

Still have a lot to do this summer. If I'm lucky, I will get on a post.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


My kid's rooms have been a disaster for quite some time (surprise!). Today I told them at 4:00 they are going to their rooms and cleaning! They were not to come out until they were done or they would be grounded for life!. I had to leave to take Brett his Nicholas bag so he could go to work. He gave me skittles to take to the kids. When I came home, I was SHOCKED! Their rooms sparkled! And the Living Room was also clean, I couldn't believe it! They finally obeyed me and I was in shock!! An hour later Brett called and asked if the kids cleaned their rooms and if they liked their skittles. I told him how shocked I was. He said when I was gone, he called the kids and told them if they would clean the living room and their rooms, mom would bring them a treat. Come to find out, they had to be bribed to obey their mom!